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Short Clips From the CD "I'll Be No Stranger There"

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BTW......This requires a little bitty QuickTime audio player. If you don't have that on your computer, you will get a pop-up warning to the effect of "restricted from running scripts" or some other warning. Go ahead and click on the "OK to allow" message. It won't hurt your computer, and you'll get to hear some cool music!!

I'll Be No Stranger There

A Beautiful Life

Four Books In the Bible

Bouquet In Heaven

I'm Workin On a Road

Where No Cabins Fall

It's Hot Down Here

The Model Church

Ebon Pinion

Gospel Medley

Price is $15.00, plus shipping...

To Purchase the CD....Contact Buck Peacock - email: oldbike@mindspring.com
(Warning: You may get a spamblocker. If so, just reply to it and you will get through)